24x100 cm

mixed on plywood and cardboard


MYTHO'S PORTRAITS - Work avaiable

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One day Prometheus (to be halfway between the divine and the human) devised one of his plans to help mankind. He sneaked into Olympus, stole a seed of fire (sperm pyros) of Zeus and hides it in the hollow of a reed, green outside but dry inside, so that the fire can burn without being seen, while he returns to earth and gives the seed of the celestial fire to the men. When Zeus, from his Olympic home, saw the glow of the fire shining in the houses of men was invaded by anger; he threw all the evils of the world on the earth and forced Prometheus between heaven and earth, imprisoning him on a mountain, firmly chained to a column where, every day, the eagle of Zeus devoures his liver that will grow again during the night. Every day the eagle feeds on Prometheus's flesh, and every night the latter regenerates so that the animal can find its own meal intact in the morning. And so it will be until Heracles, with the consent of Zeus, will not free Prometheus, who will receive a sort of immortality from the death of the Centaur Chiron. ADDED SYMBOLS (from top to bottom): - Snake of life / Kundaline (on the face / profile at the top) - Stylized bird of prey - Vescica piscis (suspension between heaven and earth) - Astral symbol of Zeus - Alchemical symbol of Fire