21x30 cm

mixed on plywood


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SIBILLA CUMANA description Not far from Capua is Cuma, an ancient colony of Euboean origin, known, among other things, to be the historic home of the Sibilla Cumana, a very mysterious dark creature, intent on predicting oracles devoted to the art of divination. The legend and the myth blend magically giving voice to his prophetic word. Campania is a fertile land of myths, mysteries, traditions and popular legends that are covered and merged by the sensational (inevitable) encounter of the sacred and the profane, giving rise to ever new stories to be rediscovered, with ancient and fascinating traits. Man has always sought answers to his questions, invoking a God, building a physical place in order to communicate directly with him, taking care of every means that could favor the meeting: priestesses, pythonesses, oracles, sibyls, were the chosen mediums for this type of religious ritual. The Sibilla Cumana has been among all, the most influential figure in ancient history, whose fame has become exponential, thanks to the literary success of the Latin poem of the Virgil's Aeneid that celebrated in its illustrious verses, the prophetic art of the Sybil of Cuma , capturing in the same way the attention and curiosity of the Roman emperors and noble patricians, who reached the Acropolis of Cuma ready to question the oracles of the dark lady. Like the popularity of the priestess Cumana, corresponded the almost unexpected fortune of the city center (founded by the Hellenic population of the Caldiceans) that soon became the religious nucleus of the entire Roman Empire, destination of pilgrimages and ancient splendor.