27x32 cm

mixed on plywood


MYTHO'S PORTRAITS - Private Collection - (ITALY)

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KAOS description First was Kaos - the initial chasm, empty and dark, where all things were born. Considering that originally this word did not have the current connotation of "disorder" that is found in the commonly used word "chaos", the ancient Greek word "Chaos" is rendered as "Space beante", "Open space", "Voragine ", where he indicates, in his etymology," crack, slit, ravine ", then symbolically" abyss "where they are" darkness, darkness ". Uniform was then the aspect of nature. The sky, the earth or the sun did not exist, but a shaky abyss in which all the elements were mixed together, a congeries of different germs, of things badly combined. Hesiod - Theogony - Genealogy of the Gods - So, first was the Chaos, and then / Gaia from the wide chest, safe seat for everyone / the immortals who hold the peaks of the snowy Olympus, / and foggy Tartar in the recesses of the earth from the wide streets,/ and then Eros, the most beautiful of the immortal gods, that breaks the limbs, and of all the gods and of all men / tame the heart and the wise counsel in the chest. / Erebo and black Nyx were born from Chaos./ From by Nyx came Etere and Hemere / that she gave birth conceived with Erebus united in love.