27x32 cm

mixed on plywood


MYTHO'S PORTRAITS - Work avaiable

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IO description Zeus, in love with Io, daughter of Inaco king of Argos, tries to conquer it and seduce her. The god, to conceal his unfaithfulness to Juno, envelops the earth with a blanket of clouds. But Juno becomes suspicious and orders the fogs to dissolve, thus managing to find his wife. In the meantime, to protect him from his wife's anger, he transforms the nymph into a white heifer. Juno, having smelled the deception, asked for a gift from the heifer and Jupiter could not draw back. Then the goddess entrusted I-heifer to Argos with a hundred eyes to watch over her. Jupiter asked Mercury, his messenger, to free her. Mercury, transformed into a shepherd, fell asleep the Argo policeman telling him the story of Pan and Siringa, and then he beheaded him. Juno, sorry, took the hundred eyes of Argo and applied them on the tail of the peacock, animal sacred to her. I punished again by Giunone, who sends a gadfly to torment her, she is forced to wander around the earth without ceasing. Arrived on the arm of the sea between Europe and Asia, I crossed the strait, which thus took the name of Bosphorus ("passage of the heifer"). Finally, the goddess, under the pressure of Jupiter, puts an end to her torture: when she arrives in Egypt, I resumes her original appearance. On the banks of the Nile, the girl will give birth to Epafo, son of Jupiter and will be revered by the Egyptian people as goddess Isis. - Ovidio - Metamorphoses - First Book - "But Jupiter, foreseeing the arrival of his wife, had changed / the daughter of √ćnaco in the terse forms of a heifer. / ... And even so it's beautiful. "