21x30 cm

mixed on plywood and cardboard


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CRONOS descriptionCronos - son of Uranus Stellato and Gaia (Gea), happens to his father Uranus who kills castrandolo. With him begins the Golden Age. Hesiod wrote in the Theogony: "... and here is the son, the missing one hurled from the ambush, grabbing it, he gripped the tremendous sickle with his right hand, long, toothed, and to the father of a blow cut off the seizes, and behind him he threw them into the sea, for he carried them away. And the shame, as well as the cut off with the iron, from the continent and he threw them into the sea." And the son's time came. He succeeded his father because he dispossessed him. According to the story of Hesiod, it was the last genito who dared to follow the advice of Gaea. The titan Crono armed by his mother, hid in the Earth and waited for his father's arrival. It was in fact habit of Uranus, to descend the night from heaven to embrace his bride in the darkness. As soon as Uranus introduced himself, Kronos jumped out and with one hand immobilized his father while with the other he emulated him with a sickle. Uranus, however, managed to escape far and ever since never closer to the earth, his bride.