21x30 cm

mixed on plywood


MYTHO'S PORTRAITS - Work avaiable

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APHRODITE description Hesiod in the Theogony derives the name Ἀφροδίτη from ἀφρός (foam, aphrós) and it narrates in this way the birth caused by the sea foam, the fruit of the seed of the member of Uranus emasculated by Kronos, mixed with the water of the sea: "And how he cut off his genitals with the adamante / there jet from the earth in the very rough sea, / and they were taken offshore for a long time; around white / the foam from the immortal member sang, and in it a girl / He was born, and first of divine Cyria / he came, and from there he came to Cyprus, very lapped by the waves; / there he arrived, the venerable and beautiful goddess, and around the grass / under his feet he was born; she Aphrodite, / that is goddess Afrog enea and Citerea from the beautiful crown"